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GreyPower Technologies is dedicated to providing the supporting infrastucture requirements of it's subsidiary and wholly owned companies, GreyPower Solutions, Magic Salon Systems, Magic Retails Systems and GPT Human Resources.

Specialises in the design, assembly, supply, delivery, installation & maintenance of computer systems and hardware peripherals to the required specifications of the software applications employed by the Groups client end users.

The Value Of Quality

GreyPower computers are assembled utilising genuine quality components from the product range of recognised and well respected manufacturers, selected for their capacity to provide a hardware specification that will optimise the computer to both the needs of the software applications it will run and any other particular requirement of our client end user. GreyPower computer systems are built to a specification not to a price, remember, you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get.
Harvey Norman and Officeworks are great if you really think you can afford them.
Ensure you have value for money when you hand over your card!

Computer Systems

GreyPower Computer Systems are designed to withstand the rigors of day to day commercial use and the demands of gathering critical realtime data in a busy eviroment found within Hair & Beauty Salons and a wide variety other businesses utilizing Point-Of-Sale Software.


GreyPower is able to supply equipment from the product range of most leading quality peripheral manufacturers...

Hewlett Packard...
And Most Others...



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